SEO & Website Maintenance

My plan is to provide reliable monthly services based on your individual needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are many facets to Search Engine Optimization. But, many people are lead to believe to need “all of them” to compete in organic search. That is not necessarily true.

What is true is that there are some mandatory basics that must be done. That includes sitemaps and validation and on page SEO to name a few.

My plan (in development) is to offer monthly plans that cover the basics and offer a customized solution on top of that if need be and based on individual needs. More information soon.

Website Maintenance & Security

WordPress and all the plugins installed on your website MUST be consistently updated and maintained on a monthly basis.

WordPress is an open source platform and terrible people are always looking for a way in. Keeping daily backups with restore capabilities and securing your website is very important.

My plan (in development) is to provide monthly maintenance services for your website and make sure everything is optimal and secure.