WordPress Website Design & Development

WordPress is a great way to build everything from simple informational websites to advanced highly functional websites. Using the latest website plugins and themes almost anything can be accomplished. Complete custom websites that elevate your brand with a very professional and modern design, while adding custom dynamic functionality to content delivery and management.

Professional & Modern Design

Truth is, with all the modern tools available to build websites anyone can be a website designer. Pick your template and you’re done.

But, if you care about your identity it should be customized to properly represent your brand. Colors schemes, navigation, user flow and calls to action should be a part of the design process. Done right, you’re website will perform better resulting in fewer bounces and more conversions.

Working to understand your brand and your objectives are a major part of the design process with the goal to have your new website work for you.

Custom Dynamic Search

Dynamic Custom Content

One of the great things about WordPress is the ability to extend WordPress to work for your particular individual needs.

Using advanced tools, your content can be built into a Custom Post Type. That means you can create dynamic lists for anything you need.

For example a portfolio or real estate listings, services, products or events all can be customized with custom fields and tags and unique page templates that are built for your individual needs.

ECommerce Solutions

WooCommerce is a fantastic out of the box but, it can also be extended with custom variables, custom fields, custom designed templates and custom queries to maximize your SEO and usability.

The great thing about using a solution like WooCommerce is it is feature rich and has all the tools you need to create a dynamic, user friendly shopping experience and with the proper setup, configuration and security can be a valuable long term solution.